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Re: How to get a flat stomach in 9 minutes

This is a video response to www.youtube.com from InShape4U A few days ago Yahoo news had on its front page a story about the new Flat Belly diet. The first thing that came to my mind was how much this needed to be made fun of. So I did a search on YouTube and I found this video by InShape4U. Now although this was not what I was looking for I found it to be the funniest thing I had seen in weeks. So this is the comment I left on his video two days ago: "This is one of the funniest diet? parodies out there. Thanks for sharing this." InShape4U commented back: No -seriously try this out and look at my other vids.. Youre working your TVA or transverse abodminus muscles (look it up) to make your stomach flat Just take 5 minutes or 1 minute and youll see a difference" I then commented back to him: "You are serious, you actually think this works. Poke your belly button to firm your tummy. Sorry, this is a spoof. Whoever did this video was a true comic genious" Tylertitancycle then said to me: "Heres an idea, dipshit….Try it. If it doesnt work, you were right. If it does work, you can pretend that your above post has never existed, sinking slowly into the history of the internet as you post more and more idiotic comments. Ive done this exercise…Obviously if you eat nothing but shit and dont do any other form of exercise, you wont see any benefits. But this exercise DOES help. Listen to what he says at 5:00. Because its true." (For those who are interested at 5:00 <b>…<b>

Insta-Abs! Shocking shortcut to sixpack abs

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How to Lose Belly Fat : THE SOLUTION (PART 2)

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