09-Lose Belly-Fat-Burning Exercises-Home Cardio Workout for Men & Women

P90x Insanity Style Workout! Lose Belly Fat Doing These Fat Burning Exercises. This Is A Home Cardio Workout For Men & Women. This Upper & Lower Body Weight, Dumbbell, & Resistance Band Workout Routine Helps Slim down Stomach fat Burn Fat, Gain & Build Muscle & Helps You Get A Flat Stomach. This Boot Camp Style Workout Helps With Weight Loss & Body Fat Reduction. It Also Helps You Lose Pounds, Love Handles & Man Boobs. If you would like to do this workout please follow these instructions 1. Watch this full video 2. Go to www.fitnessbody4life.org to get the instructions on how to complete this workout. The post will have the time durations of each timed exercises and the amount of repetitions needed to be accomplished for each repetition exercise. 3. Watch the video walk-throughs for each exercise to insure youre doing them with proper technique. 4. Post your questions in the comment section on any of these sites (YouTube, Facebook, www.fitnessbody4life.org, or Twitter)Click the link too find out how you can help support your fitness body 4 life community www.fitnessbody4life.org My Links: Website: www.FitnessBody4Life.org Facebook www.facebook.com Twitter: www.twitter.com Music Links: Andrew V: www.myspace.com BoonDoc: www.booniemayfield.com Playlists Warm ups: www.youtube.com Ab Exercises: www.youtube.com Fitness Routines: www.youtube.com Stretching Videos: www.youtube.com Consult with your doctor before starting any exercise program because neither Lance, nor anyone <b>…<b>

21 thoughts on “09-Lose Belly-Fat-Burning Exercises-Home Cardio Workout for Men & Women”

  1. I am 16 and i dont know if im strong but i run on cardio everyday and add 5 minutes everyday today i ran 80 min ans 5.7 speed, I dont know if its going to help me to loose belly fat. I mean my teachers say thats is good for me but i like your videos, they seem legit, i want to try something. I need to loose belly fat extremely fat don’t care how much its gonna hurt, Please recommend me something, Once again i know its gonna be hard but I fallow my rule "If you? want , You can" Thank you sir.

  2. my new workout plan that is coming up very? soon … make sure you subscribe so you can stay up to date

  3. Hey I have one question. Out of all of your cardio videos which three give u faster results in a short time? period

  4. Oh hello! Have you thought about – fast abs magic (do a google search)? Ive heard some unbelivable things about it and my brother? in law got amazing 6 pack abs and lost a truck load of of fat with it.

  5. thanks man im trying to drop about 6 pounds to look leaner any more tips or suggestions im 17 and i am 151 pounds with 14 % body fat and i wanna? get to 145

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