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Ab-stract Belly Fat!

Here are my best Ab combination workouts! Through the years of cheer dance and various attempts at gaining a flatter stomach, Ive noted that these particular exercises in combination with a healthy diet has shown me true results. Enjoy losing that belly! Xo Follow me! fbook: www.facebook.com and twitter: twitter.com SUBSCRIBE to THEMOMSVIEW www.youtube.com SUBSCRIBE to THEMOMSVIEWTOO www.youtube.com SUBSCRIBE to KATILETTE www.youtube.com SUBSCRIBE to HEYKAYLI www.youtube.com SUBSCRIBE to MIYA www.youtube.com SUBSCRIBE TO BELLAMISHELLA www.youtube.com ___ fitness, abdominals, exercise, exercises, healthy, moms, the moms, tmv, the moms view, style, fashion, tips, advice, vlog, shaytards, fun, maker studios, carliestylez, stubborn belly fat, sliders, cheer camp, "ab workout", training, "Fitness training", workout, burn fat, trim, thin, diet, belly fat, skaters, reverse crunch, instruction, instructional, how-to, love handles, side handles, ball tucks, crunches, rowing, side crunch, cardio, flat tummy, flat stomach

Perfect Deep Core Workout – Fit by 5

Music by James Granstrom. Get the album on iTunes: itunes.apple.com Get fabulous flat abs by working the deep core muscles in this Fit by 5 workout. 1. Plank hold 30 sec 2. Side plank hold 30 sec each side 3. Supine leg lifts x12 (x6 each side) 4. Leg scoops x12 alternating 5. Shoulder stand with oblique twist knees x12 Filmed at Stars Gym London www.starsgym.co.uk