How long to get 6-pack abs? How long does it take to get 6-pack abs? This video shows you how to figure exactly how long it will take and what you need to do to get them. The precise bodyfat level you need to obtain to see 6-pack abs will vary between 7% and 12% depending on the size of your abs and where your body stores its bodyfat. Id rather tell people 7% and have them pleasantly surprised when the get their 6-pack earlier than expected rather than tell them 12% and have them depressed when they get down to 12% and still dont have abs. Alles Klar?

How to get flat abs fast using a pillow, a TV, & a quarter

Go here first – This will tell you more about how to work your TVA muscles to get flat abs fast or… you can watch this YOUTUBE video here: — Please watch those videos before trying this easy flat abs exercise so youll understand how to do this flat abs exercise and remember… DO NOT hold your breath while doing this exercise (it may be hard not to do this at first) but you want to work up to it to give you abs a better workout so your abs will flatten up fast and… You also need to go here: — this will tell you how to completely get rid of belly fat. This flat ab video will help you get flat abs fast but to you need to lose all your belly fat so you can see your six pack abs (losing belly fat also makes your abs look flatter) You can expect flatter abs within 30 minutes of doing this while watching your favorite TV sitcom and this flat ab exercise can be done everyday To see other six pack ab exercises, exercises for flattening your abs, getting rid of love handles and ways to lose weight fast — just go on over to and… You can ask me questions here on or go to my website to ask me questions also IMPORTANT: if youre having trouble doing this easy exercise for flat abs — YOU MUST watch my other YouTUbe video on how to get a flat stomach in 9 minutes so youll understand whats going on.

How do you get a flat stomach? tummy tuck or exercise | CosmeticSurg Blog Do you just need more exercise or do you need a tummy tuck?http Find out how to do a self examination on your rectus abdominis muscle to find out if you have muscle separation. Dr Ricardo Rodriguez, a Yale trained plastic surgeon explains why sometimes no amount of exercise can make your stomach flat. Read more in his CosmeticSurg Blog-

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