Ripped 6 Pack Abs: "Be a 10 in 2010" with my Holiday Abs Routine

(0:23)- Routine Sets & Reps (1:02)- Regular Crunches (1:35)- Speed Crunches (2:08)- Side Crunches (2:55)- Alternating Toe Touches (1-1 Count) (3:33)- Alternating Knees To Elbows (1-1 Count) (4:11)- Alternating Floor Oblique Twists (1-1 Count) (4:42)- Oblique Floor Crunches (5:25)- Roll Crunches (1-1 Count) (6:06)- Toe Drivers (6:45)- Plank Check out for more information and detailed exercises! Join the most supportive and fastest growing community on facebook! Check out my Routines & Tips on the SEARS FitStudio page! 🙂 iPhone App! Bio-Engineered Supplements & Nutrition BSN Check out my Meal Plan!: View TRX Pro Pack Here! Follow me on Twitter!

Exercise for Flat Tummy – Scissor Kick

Start or join the discussion about this video on Great exercise for abdominal area, especially lower abdominals. You can perform it either with or without ankle weights. For more information visit us at

Yoga for a Flat Belly

Beth Shaw, creator and founder of YogaFit, Inc., demonstrates 3 tummy-toning exercises used in yoga. When added to your regular workout, the side plank, boat pose and yoga crunch can help strengthen your core in time for summer. Be sure to see Beth at the 2009 ACE Fitness Symposium in San Diego.

Ulisses Jr’s 6 tips for 6 pack Abs!

Ulisses Jr shows you his top 6 tips to getting a 6 pack. Follow these tips to get amazing abs. Follow Ulisses www.facebook.comulissesworld Video by MBE www.facebook.commbefilms

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