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16 year old WORKOUT HELP – 6 pack abs, biceps, tri's and chest

Hi, I’m 16 years old about 130 pounds, 5’5″ , small for my age, but already somewhat toned, if I flex there is much muscle definition, but not a 6 pack more like a 4 pack.. If I don’t flex I just have a flat stomach, I have little fat and some muscle.. I want a nice toned 6 pack, and nice bi’s and tri’s, I also need bigger pec muscles because my upper body is very small.

Can somebody please give me a good workout routine that will help me too achieve this? In steps, and reps, and days, etc..

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3 Minute Workout- Day 6- Abs

This is Day 6 or the Extra Day of the 3 Minute Workout Series called "NO MORE EXCUSES"!!!! This is an Ab Workout thatll make your abs burn! Itll help give you a flat tummy in no time! Get that sexy six-pack now! You can use this workout as your Friday workout or you can take all the Days 1-6, and spread them out over your whole day and do that 2-3 times per week, or you can do them all at once for a 25-30 minute workout… and do that 2-3 times per week. All kinds of ways you can use this series. If you have a hard time finding time to workout, or dread working out, or dont have any money for a gym membership, or find it hard to leave the office to get your workout in, or have kids that keep you busy with very little time for yourself… Then this Series if for YOU! This is a 3 minute workout series for Monday thru Friday or Saturday. 3 minutes a day is ALL you need! You can spare that… cant you? These workouts are quick, to the point, and effective! Watch this clip to see Day 6 of this series for the completion of the weekly series that you can use to get your workouts done even with a busy schedule. Try it… and see if you can GET RESULTS in just as little as 3 minutes a day… 5-6 days a week! Thank you, Clifta Coulter Perez Reno Fitness Trainer Bootcamp Instructor

Abs Workouts : How to Get Flat Abs for Girls

When working on flat abs, it is important to pull the abs into the floor during crunches instead of letting them flex upward toward the ceiling. Flatten your abs effectively with a demonstration from a PMA-certified Pilates teacher in thisfree video on core exercises. Expert: Teresa Sciarretta Contact: Bio: Teresa Sciarretta is a PMA-Certified Pilates Teacher and has completed numerous continuing education workshops including Pilates for Pregnancy and Pilates Protocols for Common Problems. Filmmaker: Max Cusimano Series Description: Working out the abs not only yields an attractive, flatter stomach, but it also strengthens the core muscles for better overall fitness. Practice these core exercises with help from a PMA-certified Pilates instructor in this free video series on abdominal workouts.